Collaborative design and facilitation
for the common good



Through our projects, we aim to address the complex challenges of our time and to rethink new ways of collaborating and innovating for the common good. We work with different stakeholders: private companies, public institutions, NGOs, foundations.

Through our commitments and achievements, we aspire to help build a fair, pluralistic and resilient society that keeps people and the planet at the heart of everything.



All our projects are customized according to the specific context and the structural organisation of our client. They address issues that have a strategic impact and are rooted in reality. They often include a strong exploratory dimension.


Our approach is multidisciplinary and holistic. We draw on a wide range of expertise in many fields – science, the arts, entrepreneurship, complexity – which we hybridise to adapt them to the specific context and needs of each project.

We believe that to create greater impact and sustainable results, we need to adopt an approach that is…


We create spaces of trust where we can build common understanding, align stakeholders, contribute unique expertise and solve complex problems together.


We openly integrate all the stakeholders involved or impacted in all the processes we deploy.


We’re not afraid to ask the question “Why?” and to delve deeper into the intention behind projects to ensure that energy is being deployed in the right direction and for the common good.


We dare to challenge the status quo and reinvent the way things are done by drawing on new sources of knowledge and expertise.


We are a team of professionals, driven by shared values and causes, who bring together complementary expertise. As human beings on a journey, we are engineers, artists, designers, leaders, coaches, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and facilitators: Pierre, Hugues, Lucie, François, Isabelle, Sébastien, Jany. 

Our approach is based on new organizational models and fosters innovation, agility, engagement, and freedom.  We also include non-humans – the Earth, plants and animals – in our governance, our choices and our financial management.

We also work in partnership with a network of independent experts, whom we bring on board when needed.


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