Prospective and disruptive innovation

What would happen if our core business were to disappear in 15 years’ time? What new business models should be set up? The Board of Directors of a $2-billion turnover company is looking for support in imagining how the company could evolve over the long term, without hesitating to take a totally new stance.


Co-design and then facilitation of two remote workshops, structured around “design fiction” to imagine how the company could evolve towards new business models in 15 years’ time.


After a prospective phase aimed at scanning and gaining insight into the major trends in different fields, we defined three possible scenarios for the future of the company in 15 years that leverage its infrastructures and capacities, while also questioning the current status quo.

Project duration

Three months, from the co-design phase to the facilitation and debriefing of the workshops.


Pierre, François, Guillaume (a project labeled Codesign-it)